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A Rare Antique Necklace of Fish Scale Glass Pearls


A precious beauty from a time when real Pearls were rare and only for the wealthy, this luminous antique necklace of adorable Victorian glass pearls is a rare survivor. Delicate and mysteriously enchanting in that it is totally unique, as each lustrous bead has been laboriously handmade; first by hand blowing the tiny glass spheres, then lining them with silvery liquid 'essence d'orient', made from fish scales, and then filling each bead with wax in order to stabilise and strengthen the beads, giving them the convincing weight.  

Circa 1840's, the Pearl strand measures 14 inches in length, and the pale salmon coloured pure silk ribbon can be fastened to allow them to be worn as a choker, or at collar length just lightly around the throat. Newly re-threaded, this would make the most enchantingly unique wedding necklace.