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A Shimmering Splendour! Antique Victorian Diamond Starburst Brooch


A majestic gift from the heavens; a fascinating antique Victorian twelve point star brooch with dramatic impact, being completely set with fifty-five hand cut Diamonds which dance and scintillate so adorably in the light. Circa 1880's and of English origin, the setting is of silver on 18ct yellow gold, and as you can see from the reverse, it is all cleverly fashioned by hand, each and every aspect created with great consideration and care. 

The twelve point star is believed to indicate completeness and perfection, and was often also worn as a powerful symbol by royalty and mystics alike. The Diamonds weigh over a carat together, the centre measuring 0.35ct alone. 

This felicitous beauty has brilliance quite enchanting and is of a size to cast quite a spell upon the viewer! It measures two inches across and comes complete with safety chain and a nicely crafted curved pin which itself closes with a rolling safety catch.