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An Antique Georgian Era Intaglio Carved Carnelian Seal Fob


A fascinating antique Georgian seal fob shewing a hand carved russetty Carnelian plaque depicting the Lamb of God (agnus dei) blessing. Dating to the early 19th century, 1820's/30's, the whole is cased 18ct Gold and is typical of the period with the contrasting fluted and florid elements which we so love. It would originally have been worn at the waist as was the style and used to stamp wax when sealing letters or notes. The skilled process is expensive nowadays and can be found in the crests of many families across the globe. 

There is a tiny chip to the edge of the carving which we feel may be original and caused in the carving process. It measures 3cm high and the seal 13mm by 12mm.  

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