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An Ethereal Antique Mabe Pearl & Diamond Dress Ring


A one-of-a-kind antique dress ring with a mysterious and magical aura. The feminine presence is both intriguing and powerful, this is a jewel which will always garner admiring glances. Hand crafted in Silver, the luminous Pearl is held in a naturalistic clasp with tiny hand cut Rose Diamonds in leafesque motifs to the shoulders. Sigh!

An early half round Mabe Cultured Pearl, the moonglow grey lustre of this specimen leads us to believe it was likely cultivated in an 'Pteria Penguin' shell. Mabe Pearls grow layers of lustrous nacre upon a mother-of pearl nucleus attached to the inside shell of the mollusc (this can take several years). 

The ring size is a 'P' or '7.5' but could be altered somewhat to suit. Just leave us a message on your order form. The Pearl measures half an inch across.