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An Exquisite Early Victorian Emerald & Diamond Ring


A scarce early Victorian Emerald and Diamond cluster ring resplendent with antique gems and fine scrolled hand engraving to the shoulders which we have has restored by our fabulously skilled hand engraver. All in bright 18ct yellow Gold, this piece is entirely hand crafted, from the cutting of the gems to the fabrication of the ring. The beautiful Emerald would likely have come from the historic Muzo mines in Columbia high in the Andes which were producing some of their best stones at the time. It has the inimitable silk style inclusions but is wonderfully clean and bright, tending to the bluish end of green rather than yellow. The old hand cut Diamonds, each with it's own unique hand faceting date to the 18th century and have the most distinctive glimmery twinkle, which in it's day would have been spied romantically in candlelight. Three of the Diamonds have old damage to their facets but which can only be seen under magnification. Their total weight amounts to around 0.80-1.00ct.

Without hallmarks, (they were not required under British law at the time) it is hard to date accurately, but we judge it to have been crafted in the 1840's or so. The ring size measures as an 'R' or '8.5' but could be altered to suit, simply leave us a message on your order form.