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An Impressive Antique Opal & Diamond Ring


A custom made antique Crystal Opal and Diamond spark ring for a larger hand, due to the spread of the gems which reaches an inch across the finger, this is sized at a 'U' or '10'. Intricately cradled in fine scrolling Gold work typical of the period the five round cabochon Australian Crystal Opals (which were THE height of fashion at the time) are full of magical rainbow colours against a milky blue/orange background which changes as the light rolls over from different angles catching the 'plates' in the gems. Mounted in 18ct yellow Gold with tiny Diamond sparks between each stone, this piece dates to the late Victorian or Edwardian periods when this style was one of the most popular. The work to the gallery is hand carved and it was likely made in one of the great jewellery quarters of either Birmingham or Chester.