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Antique Cabochon Garnet Gothic Revival Enamelled Ring


In the Renaissance Revival style, we present this unusual and scarce Continental (likely Austro Hungarian we feel) enamelled cabochon Garnet Carbuncle ring. In 14ct Gold this piece dates to the mid 19th century when a Gothic Revival was influencing design all over Europe. 

In the style of Episcopal rings worn by the clergy which oft show a Garnet to symbolise the blood of Christ, this was a time when men of art and thought who could afford to wore more decorative rings to express their inclination. The oval Garnet is ornamented to the shoulders with exquisitely coloured floral enamel. There is sadly quite a bit of loss to the enamelling and there is some sign of lead repair but being such a special piece we feel that someone will love it even so. 

The ring size is an 'R' or '8.5' and sadly no adjustment is possible. 

See a ring in the collection at the V&A here to understand the inspiration for this piece.