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Antique Edwardian Dark Red 'Amber' Resin Bead Necklace


A fabulous old Edwardian era 'Amber' Resin Necklace of graduated hand faceted beads in the elegantly long style which was fashionable at the time. The beads are of a dark, dark cherry colour and each has been shaped by hand from 'Faturan', an early resin which was created from melting down the the filings left after carving beads from amber and mixing with other natural resins, such as mastika, frankincense, colophony, and turpentine, to mould individual beads from natural substances. The hand faceting can be noticed in the quirky shapes of the individual beads and also in the number of different sizes of beads within this graduated necklace. Unfortunately, the original formula has long since been lost.

The continuous necklace measures 42 inches and so hangs at around the waist, a really eye-catching antique piece. The largest bead 3cm end to end, the smallest 6mm.