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Antique 19th Century Belgian Diamond 'Flemish' Cross


A precious antique Belgian made Flemish cross with an elaborate star or flower to the bale and central decorative Rose panel showing devotion to the Virgin Mary. Circa 1860, an opportunity to own a scarce and meaningful work of art, as most of these crosses are now owned by museums or in private collections. 

Hand crafted of Silver on 18ct yellow Gold washed back and ornamented with 32 hand cut 'senaille' and rose-cut Diamonds which are foiled to increase their glittery brilliance, and against the darkened Silver setting they twinkle as delightfully as stars. Typically worn on a very long Silver chain would around the neck or tucked into the clothing this would have been an expensive gift which was not only a sign of Catholic faith but also of fashion and wealth and one which signalled status. The richness of the materials use alongside the refined craftsmanship of this exquisite jewel reinforced this sign of devotion. Measures 7cm by 4cm.

View a video of this pendant here: Antique 19th Century Belgian Diamond 'Flemish' Cross.

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