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Romantic Antique Georgian 'REGARD' Pendant


Circa 1820's, a very fine antique gemset REGARD Georgian locket brooch which has been converted to a pendant. Sensitively capturing the romantic delicacy of the time, precious 'acrostic' jewels such as this were given as tokens of fondness and esteem and would be proudly worn and carefully treasured as this piece has down 200 years. The lacy Cannetille work is skilfully worked in 18ct Gold and shaped as leaves and tendrils studded with Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby and Diamond to spell the message of LOVE. This perennial posy is a fragment of beauty and feelings which just touches the heart!

The glassed locket contains a section of plaited hair and this antique piece has been made more wearable by adding a loop and support in 18ct Gold. It measures an inch across lengthwise. In an antique silk velvet lined box. 

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