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Precious Antique Natural Pearl & Diamond Necklace


A romantic prospect! A divinely fancy late Victorian pendant/brooch in a beautiful floriate design fully set with seventeen old hand cut 'Rose' Diamonds and a pendant natural pearl shaped Sea Pearl. With an enchanting historic air, this jewel is reminiscent of the bodice jewels worn in the 17th century, and makes a wonderful piece to wear as a centrepiece to a special dress or on the lapel as well as as a necklace. Fashioned entirely by hand in Silver (backed with a Gold wash) which has darkened with age to a charming finish in which the high points and glimmery old 18th century Diamonds are highlighted. We sell this convertible brooch/pendant with a beautiful strand of antique natural Sea Pearls, newly re-knotted and measuring 18 inches which allow it to be worn as a pendant. The brooch fitting closes with a lovely secure safety clasp. Measures one inch across. We include a valuation certificate for insurance purposes.