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Antique Old Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Charmingly simple, a captivating vintage solitaire engagement ring starring an olden hand-cut cushion shaped Diamond (recycled at the time this ring was made, so bonus points for an ethical purchase). A lovely example of the faceting style, with larger surfaces than are cut nowadays, this stunning gem sparkles a shower of rainbowed light as the hand turns, in a moment of ideal beauty. Slightly cushion shaped and with a plump profile, the stone is mounted in a coronet of Platinum upon a tapered 18ct yellow Gold band, and all is as refined as could be with the focus solely on the Diamond. 

We measure the stone at 0.65ct using a Schindler Gauge. 

The ring size is an 'O and a half' or '7.5' but could be altered to suit her lucky new owner. We will supply a Valuation for Insurance purposes with this piece.