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Circa 1750's Georgian Black Dot Paste Brooch


This antique Georgian paste brooch, a survivor from two centuries ago, was once part of a larger suite of jewellery or perhaps a stomacher. Iit features the original pin to the reverse and has two places to attach a drop and so can be worn in either as it is or to suspend a favourite jewel from. 

Fashioned as a pair of torchon or cornucopia, it captures a glamorous moment in history, when splendid hand crafted Paste jewels were worn at the grandest of occasions. Each of the gems are cut by hand to fit this adorable piece, the Paste are backed with silver foil to increase the sparkle and 'black' dotted on the bottom to create the illusion of a 'culet' commonly seen on Diamonds at the time, and they have an immensely affecting glitter, warm and twinkling as if by candlelight. 

All in silver which we have only gently cleaned so as not to spoil the patina, there is one chipped stone which can be seen in the leaf motif bottom right. With a little imagination this historic jewel could live again. Measures 4cm end to end.