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Date 1805 William Benford Mourning Ring


An antique Georgian era mourning ring dedicated to the memory of  WILL'M BENFORD ESQ. OB. 17 MAR 1805 AET 60. Very decorative and of fine quality, the squared face holds a central plaited lock of his hair framed by plump wild Pearls, the wearing of jewellery such as this a tangible link to those who have passed. All is very typical of its time and a super piece for any collection. 

Born in 1745, as reported in the Gentleman's Magazine, 'Obituary with Anecdotes of Remarkable Persons' he died at his home in James Street, Westminster in 1805. He was buried  on 23rd March at Bunhill Fields burial ground, City Road Islington in London. 

In 18ct yellow Gold, the ring size is an 'O' or '7' and no alteration is possible.