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Endearing Date 1867 Enamelled Gold Mourning Ring


A precious and beautifully preserved antique mourning ring once the solemn property of a young lady commemorating her two parents who she lost so close together; the inner band is inscribed 'Mother April 15 1879 - Father March 25 1880'. The outer band bears the legend 'IN MEMORY OF' picked out in Gold against the black enamel with delightful fancy details to each side of the central knot symbolising love and unity which holds a Natural Pearl. The fondness with which the whole has been fashioned is so touching! Wearing a piece such as this would have been an outward display of your love and respect, told others of your loss and encouraged them to be kind. It's so sad that these customs have been lost. Fully hallmarked for 18ct Gold in Birmingham 1867, there is also a maker's mark for 'A&S' indicating the company of Aston and Son, Regent Place in Birmingham. The ring size is an 'L and a half' or '5 and three quarters', and cannot be adjusted due to the enamelwork.