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Date 1914 18ct Gold Buckle Wedding Ring


All in 18ct yellow gold and nicely heavy with a lovely clear full hallmark which enables us to date it to 1914 in Birmingham this piece has a poignant past in that it dates to the outbreak of WW1. Engraved with a design of trailing ivy (the ties of family) and roses (for love), this piece is full of heartfelt meaning as the buckle motif itself symbolises fidelity in love. This piece would make a marvellously unusual choice for a wedding ring which one would grow to love evermore each day. 

A ring size 'O' or US '7', it isn't possible to adjust the size so this is a little bit of a 'Cinderella' ring! The maker's mark which is shown inside is for Henry Williamson Ltd. of Spencer Street Birmingham. Measures 8mm in width.