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Date 1921 Silver Double Albert Chain & 1898 Fob Medal


Oh, how excited we were when we first saw this tremendous antique silver watch chain! Known as a 'double Albert' it is in original condition and quite the chunky monkey! It would have been worn across the waistcoat with the 't' bar through the button hole and the two graduated chains spread across to pockets each side, the medal suspended beneath (quite a statement!). The chain itself dates to 1921 and is stamped each link with the British standard Lion Passant mark for silver and handsomely graduated, measuring 17 inches and fastening with two swivel clasps. The medal is hallmarked for 1898 and is fabulously decorated, topped by an eagle with spread wings. It measures two inches lengthwise and is free from engravings (meaning we can go to town on asking our clever hand engraver to personalise this piece for you). It works just perfectly as a necklace, or for you dandies... in its original purpose. Every aspect gorgeously substantial and complete.