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Etruscan Inspired Victorian 15ct Gold Earrings


As worn in the tombs of ancient Etruria, an exquisite pair of Victorian earrings crafted with beautifully fine skill and artistry. Incredibly fashionable in the mid 19th century, these beauties combine the fine wirework and granulation techniques seen in historical jewels discovered in the tombs at Vulci in 1832 which had been displayed at museums over the Continent. Interest in and appreciation of these antiquities grew, and jewellers endeavoured to rediscover these skills crafting very fine replicas of and inspired by these historical treasures leading to a craze for these archaeological style 'Etruscan' jewels which became the height of fashion all over Europe. 

These are of super quality and in wonderful condition, entirely hand made in 15ct Gold which was only ever used in Britain between 1854-1932, they measure 4cm from the top of the wire.