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Extravagant Antique Victorian Old-Cut Diamond Bar Brooch


A most splendorous antique Victorian bar brooch or pin proudly set with three antique hand-cut Diamonds which each have their own personality and fascination; the two end stones being more square in shape; the centre more round, but all three in that gorgeous historic 'cushion' shape which is endlessly appealing. The design is restrained and peaceful in warmly hued 18ct yellow gold, with just the MEGA glitter of the three mini fireballs in their super little coronets lighting up the bar! The total carat weight of 1.50ct is an estimate as we haven't unset them to get the exacts, but they are beautiful quality and gorgeously white (estimate 40:70:40). Quality Diamond pins like this aren't seen often anymore as so many of them have been cut up and reset, but that's a shame as they are versatile pieces suitable for either sex to wear in a multitude of fashions.

End to end the measurement is 5cm.