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Attention Seeking Extravagant Handmade Vintage Russian Verneuil Ruby Dress Ring


With a confidently glamorous look, this vintage Russian dress ring is totally over-the-top awesome!! Pride of place is a wonderfully intense jammy coloured and elegantly oval faceted synthetic Russian Ruby which looks and tests just as the finest natural Ruby. Every aspect of the construction has been thoughtfully created with an eye for architectural impact, marked for 14ct gold (with a maker's mark which we haven't been able to place as yet) the shoulders resemble sculpted golden bows which arch impressively over the finger, sitting sooo comfortably shaped to the finger. The style is very retro 1940's, but we think it's certainly more recent, as production of this type of flux melt gem began in Russia in 1993. Various processes for making these gems have been known since 1902 when Auguste Verneuil pioneered his technique from his laboratory in Paris. 

A finger size 'O', but easy to adjust for fit for free!