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Extravagant Vintage Diamond & Pearl Boule Cocktail Ring


An especially lovely and fantabulous vintage 1960's cocktail ring! A completely unique and hand crafted creation it has all the qualities and cachet of a Continental piece. In rich 18ct yellow Gold the gorgeously snaking coiled wirework forms a dome which is generously decorated with older (recycled) hand cut Diamonds and wild Natural Pearls. An astounding and artistic fabrication which will have been the conception and fine work of an artisan bijoutier.  

The glittery old Diamonds are hand faceted in the old fashioned way, showing characteristic larger facets and high pavilions, just the way we like them! The lustrous Pearls would have formed naturally within molluscs and been hand dived. All very special, this jewel is one to treasure and wonder over... she needs to come out at fancy parties and days when you just need cheering up! 

There is the fragment of an assay mark to the outside of the band, but sadly not enough to decipher its origin. It weighs 10 grams. The ring size is a 'P' or '7.5' but we may well be able to adjust for fit.