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Fabulous Victorian Book-link Collarette Necklace


Circa 1880's, a piece inspired by what we now call the Aesthetic Movement; an eye-catching antique book-linked chain in a shiny white base metal which we believe to be Aluminium or a derivative. The lightest loveliness, Aluminum was classed as a precious metal for several years. There was much interest in new metals and alloys during the Industrial Age and this piece dates from that time. 

The existence of aluminum oxide was postulated by Sir Humphrey Davy in the early 19th century, but it took until 1854 for Henri Sainte Clair Deville to successfully produce a commercial grade material. He caused a sensation at the Paris Exhibition of 1857 with a few aluminum articles.' Collector's Weekly. 

A romantic design, each of the prettily fan-shaped links is skilfully hand engraved with an intricate design of Roses, Forget-me-nots and Daises. Utterly captivating! The whole measures 17 inches end to end and fastens with a gorgeous chunky bolt ring which can easily hold your favourite pendant or locket.