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Georgian Dreamtime Foiled Gems Flowerette


Circa 1820's, this poetic antique bloom carries a romantic message down the centuries, one which is as compelling today as when it was dreamt of. A garland design of eight flowerbuds set with foiled Amethysts amongst leaves surrounding a central high cabochon of translucent Rock Crystal laid onto the luvliest gentle pink foil, the effect quite mesmerising! It was quite common practice at the time to lay semi translucent gemstones over silvered foil, sometimes with applied colours in order to create more a more vibrant appearance in gemstones. 

Two shades of high carat Gold, (testing between 15ct and 18ct) the leaves are picked out in a greeny Gold, all is super pretty and would make a very precious and captivating gift for a special birthday or anniversary. Measures an inch across, and if you look to the reverse you can see that this jewel has been converted from a brooch at some stage in it's life, the pin being shaped to a large ovalled bale.