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Once Precious Antique Georgian Mourning Ring


A lovely old mourning ring dating to the reign of George III and once a treasured memento to a loved one who passed two centuries since. Mourning jewels hold a powerful symbolism, a link through time, remembering as they do those that have been before offering a comfort to those left behind.

 Subtly shaped to fit the finger, the whole feels so personal on the hand. Circa 1800-1815, this piece has no dedication although it does contain a neatly plaited lock of pale blonde hair which is the centrepiece, the locket section framed by faceted French Jets which have a discreet twinkle. In 18ct Gold, the band is a beautiful open twisted wirework, the ring size a 'P' or '7.5' and unfortunately size adjustment isn't possible. 
Please note one of the French Jets (at 3 o'clock on the first image) is damaged.