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Luvliest Vintage Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


A very special vintage Diamond solitaire engagement ring featuring a most scintillating hand cut Diamond and dating to the early years of the 20th century, a time when this kind of design was new and very fashionable. The 'Old European-cut' Diamond is tremendously white and fiery with wonderful perfection to the faceting creating a starry dispersion of light which is entirely captivating. In a smooth bezel setting of fine Platinum and upon a beautifully tapered 18ct yellow Gold band which is slender and shows the soft patina of age. All hand crafted, there are marks inside for the maker but we haven't been able to trace them so far. The ring size is an 'M' or '6.25' but could easily be altered to suit. 

The splendid old Diamond measures 0.65ct using a Schindler Gauge but is likely a little larger if weighed. It shows (if you look very closely) some small Carbon inclusions but only really visible under magnification.