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Magnificent and Rare Antique Continental 18ct Gold Citrine Bracelet


In pristine condition, a superbe qualité antique Continental Cannetille work bracelet dating to the mid 19th century. A rare find, this splendid antique jewel is of an elevated prestige and would have belonged to a very well-to-do lady who may have proudly worn it to candlelit dinners and balls. 

A large central floral motif set with Golden Citrines on a chain linked bracelet of 18ct Gold, the nine large Citrines are of a beautifully entrancing Golden translucency with a contrasting hint of smokiness to the four corner gems. In the mid 19th century, golden yellow was a very fashionable colour, read more about this in Mimi Matthew's blog here. In three colours of 18ct Gold, the flowers surrounding the central Citrine are of a rosier hue and the leaves a greener shade. Cleverly fashioned to retain lightness, the incredible Cannetille work is of exceptional precision.... so much care has been expended on the creation of this admirable jewel. It is possible that this piece may be the sole survivor of a larger parure of matching jewels as these were very much desired at the time, and as such would be a fabulous addition to a collection of antique jewellery. The central element measures 7cm by 4.5cm, and the bracelet measures 7 inches, closing in a hidden clasp under the central motif. With the French Owl import mark to the clasp, this piece was crafted on the Continent.