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Matching Pair of Victorian Whitby Jet Snake Bracelets


A scarce find and in perfect original condition, this pair of Victorian English Whitby Jet snake bracelets are one of our proudest finds yet! We began our jewellery lives together restoring Whitby Jet jewellery and so it holds special memories for us and we've never seen a matching pair of snake bracelets. Skilfully hand carved in the famous workshops of Whitby with Jet sourced from the cliffs and beaches nearby, Whitby Jet was much worn during by women of the period particularly for mourning, the snake a symbol of eternal love and renewal it is particularly apt. This matched pair of 'sister' double snake head bracelets feel so wonderful and light upon the wrist and are beautifully faceted to catch the light.... really lovely. 

They each measure around 7.5 inches circumference but could possibly be adjusted as they are made in sections and strung on elastic cord.  

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