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Our New Muse! A Rare Georgian Multi-Gem Harlequin Ring


All a-glitter with numerous sharply faceted rose-cut Diamonds and the bright charm of gemstones; two Sapphires, two Rubies, two Peridots and a central old cut Diamond. Circa 1820 and a rare find, the story is that it last belonged to an elderly lady who treasured it above all else, it having come down to her through her family. When it came to us it needed a small repair, and the gemstones are rubbed from almost two centuries of loving wear, but her bright personality is joyful and familiar on the hand. At the time she was made she would have been highly fashionable and lived somewhat of a coveted lifestyle, perhaps attending parties at the Assembly Rooms in Bath or similar establishment where she could be admired upon the hand of a trendsetting young lady of the ton. 

The gold is 15ct and the Diamonds to the bands are all closed back, the gems in open settings. We may be able to size a little, she's a size 'M/6 and a quarter', but feels roomy because of the style of the multi-row band.