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Pair of Antique Estruscan Inspired 18ct Diamond Brooches


A miraculously pristinely preserved pair of antique French Etruscan Revival brooches. Recreated in the styles which were worn by ancients of Etruria (perhaps emulating cloak pins) matching pieces such as these are a scarce find nowadays, making them all the more precious. In fine 18ct yellow Gold with a sumptuous bloomed finish to the background surfaces which contrasts so well against the more polished cut out sections, all is very precise and detailed, the twinkly old hand cut Diamonds shimmering in their starburst settings. An exciting position to imagine striking ways in which to wear this amazing pair!

These don't have any marks to tell us so, but our eye tells us they're likely to be of French origin. Each measures 2.5cm in length and closes with a classic 'C' clasp.