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Precious Antique Georgian Floral Rose Cut Diamond Necklace


Inspired by the romantic 18th century idea of 'Giardinetti' jewellery, (Italian for 'little garden'), a felicitous floral necklace.  A symbol of love and a token of esteem, the Giardinetti features a wild rose depicted in a fabulous Rococo style and studded with glistening hand faceted old rose cut Diamonds. The twinkle is truly quite bewitching! The rose cut Diamond Giardinetti dates to around 1750, is of Silver and was likely originally a part of some larger jewel, perhaps a tiara or brooch? With no way to wear it, we have converted this romantic flowerette into a stunning and captivating necklace. We smoothed the back and attached two Gold rings to enable the pairing with this antique Victorian Gold chain. We feel it works delightfully....  almost as if they were made for each other! 

The glorious old Diamonds are laid on silvered foil which shows their delicate tea stained gentility. Beautifully historic, these multi faceted Rose cuts began to appear around 1670 (Ogden) and very often had 24 facets. Some of these do, but many have between 16-20 facets. Each is hand faceted and shows a differing shape which is influenced by the natural crystalline shape of the gem. The finished length is 17 inches, and the 9ct yellow Gold rope chain closes with a cylindrical barrel clasp. The Giardinetti measures a touch over 2cm in each direction. It is very tricky to judge the weight of the stones, but using a guage, we can confidently say that they measure 0.60ct plus.