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Prized Rare Antique Georgian Rose Amethyst and Diamond Ring


A miracle of beauteous romanticism! This rare antique Georgian era ring is quite the luvliest we've spied in a good while. A wondrous prize for the lucky collector, this piece is in incredible condition and is an all round charming proposition. This historic jewel is entirely hand made and unique, worthy of a place in a museum.

The centre stone is a table cut gentle 'Rose de France' Amethyst which is set in a beaded 18ct yellow Gold frame surrounded by ten native cut Rose and Senaille cut Diamonds in the cut down Silver setting of the time which has darkened beautifully with the years. All is very twinkly and and pretty, the Diamonds dancing as they would originally have under candlelight. 

The design a fusion of Rococo style band embossed with Neoclassical elements and floral tributes to the shoulders. This ring cannot be sized without spoiling the decoration to the band, so she is a Cinderella piece! The size measures at an 'O' or '7' and as it has a large 'face' works very well on the middle finger. The cluster measures 18mm by 18mm across. The gems are foiled and so this piece cannot be worn in water without risking damage.