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Quirky Antique Button Hook and Knife


This unusual shield shaped item, in base metal with Steel tools conceals a fold out button hook, together with a little pocket knife. Nicely decorative, it could be personalised by our hand engraver on the blank shield. It was manufactured by the Sheffield firm of Ward & Co, somewhere between 1860 and 1900, and has their stamp on the base of the knife. Frederick Ward (1825 - 1908) was a well known Sheffield manufacturer of pocket knives and cutlery. Probably originally designed as useful accessory to hang from a watch chain or chatelaine, but it would also make a quirky pendant. Both the knife and button hook are revealed by simply sliding them sideways. The button hook is on a robust spring to prevent loss. In good condition, the shield is 3cm long by 2.5cm at the widest point, and the thickness is 4mm.