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Rare and Exceptional Georgian Harlequin Cross Pendant


Spectacular, and with the liveliest play of colour, the gems in this antique Georgian cross pendant are joyfully bright and bold, and this 'Harlequin' style of colourful piece would have been very fashionable. We have tested the gems and believe them to be as follows; the top gem a green Paste, Natural Sea Pearl, Water Opal, Orange Spinel, Peridot, and the smallest greens at the end of the 'arms' Green Andratite Garnet or Peridot.

The whole is made by hand, with the setting carefully made to fit these exact stones closely and ornamented with Granulation (the small Gold beads) adding finesse. Pieces of this age wouldn't have been subject to hallmarking but we have tested the gold and it tests as 18ct. 

For scale, the measurements are 4cm by 3cm. 

There is the smallest of chips to the top Opal which are visible under 20x magnification in the first photograph, but barely noticeable to the naked eye.