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Top Quality Luxe Lovely Art Deco Diamond Cluster Ring


A blazing vision of glamorous loveliness! In the Art Deco style, but softly so with gently rounded corners and the whole sensitively shaped to lie close to the hand. The splendid white Diamonds are all brilliant-cuts (considered now to be the best cut for a Diamond) and are pleasingly bright in their fine setting of Platinum. A dazzling combination, the centre gem measures 0.35ct  and the four of the larger stones surrounding 0.10ct each judged with a gauge. On a slim band of 15ct yellow Gold, which ages this piece to before 1932 as 15ct Gold was used in Britain between 1854-1932.  

The head of the ring measures 1cm across, and the finger size an 'N' or '6.5', but we could adjust if required. We do so for free so you've only to leave us a message on your order form.