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Unique!! Table Cut Diamond Rosette Cluster


Oh SIGH!!! You'll never see another jewel of this unique beauty and historical interest. In the style of an 17th century finger ring, flowers have always been a much beloved motif in jewels and one which always tugs at the heart. A quiet contemplation upon the hand, one can gaze down the centuries and imagine the lives and events which have passed in the time since these old, old gems were cut halfway across the world, and how they travelled to be in this ring. The captivating old Diamonds have been recycled in the making of this romantic bloom and consist of both a central 18th century Rose Cut and captivating and rare Table Cuts to the petals which date to any time during the 15th.... 17th centuries (having likely graced an important piece of Courtly jewellery before) and will have come from one of the famous mines in India, as this was the only known source of Diamonds at the time. 

Set in Silver on a slim 14ct yellow Gold band, we believe this beauty hails from the Continent, most likely made during the powerful Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1908). The head of the bloom measures half an inch across and the ring size, which can be adjusted to suit in our workshop measures at a 'P' or '7.5'. 

We are in LOVE with this piece and all the history she brings with her and would just love to know her story and where it will take her from hereon...

Read more about antique Diamonds at the MET Museums website.