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Uniquely Created Beautiful Antique Sapphire and Diamond Dress Ring


Sublimely individual, this lovely is not for the faint of heart, as she's a real eye catcher! Fashioned entirely by hand; from the hand cut gemstones to the pretty construction of the metalwork, and all in platinum (marked by hand 'PLATINUM'). The Sapphires are of that natural  'electric' Blue quality which came from the old Kashmir mines, and the Diamonds too splendrously scintillant and each cut in tune with the natural Diamond crystal and so having a quirky uniqueness.

The shape is very lovely on the hand, the design measuring 10 x 12mm. The ring size can be adjusted with the greatest of ease, but currently a 'Q' or US '8.5'. 

Note: One of the Sapphires has a couple of small chips to the surface, which you will see in the magnified photographs, but not visible to the naked eye.