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Superb Vintage Certificated Natural Aquamarine Cocktail Ring


A splendid vision of sea blue loveliness! Dating to the 1980's/90's, an eyecatching statement cocktail ring of such incredible quality. Featuring a specimen gem quality Aquamarine weighing 12.52ct we have had this especially beautiful stone unset and certificated in London at the Gem and Pearl Laboratory. A glowing natural Aquamarine with the desirable deeply saturated blue-green hue (described as 'transparent blue' on the certificate), the stone has such a gorgeous modified emerald-cut faceting which holds all the light and colour within the gem and displays it to best effect. In a sturdy but subtle hand made mount of mellow toned 18ct yellow Gold with tapered shoulders and a minimal setting so that the gem seems to float.... all so captivating! 

The stone measures 17mm by 13.1mm by 8mm. The ring size is an 'L' or '5.5' but could be altered a little to suit.