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An Extravagant Vintage 1960's Amethyst Cocktail Ring


Of supremely lovely quality, being entirely hand crafted and of the most precise and striking shape, this wonderful bauble has a sculptural exactness which perfectly captures the artistry and mood of the era. A joy on the hand, curved to fit comfortably, the pale mauve 'Rose de France' Amethyst creates a lightness which adds a delicacy and sparkle to this impressive jewel. In rich 18ct yellow Gold, it has delightful angles to every view being so complete a concept and design and the work of a very skilled artisan, we feel this piece would have retailed at a most prestigious boutique in its day.  

The ring size is a 'P' or '7.5' and is may be possible to alter a small amount, please contact us to check. The face of the ring measures 15mm by 17mm and it stands 1cm from the hand.