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Vintage Silver Niello Chain & Fob Necklace

Item #3266 #0308


A super vintage silver Niello flattened chain link necklace. This unusual decorative piece would probably actually have been used as a watch chain in its previous life, but it came to us just as it is and it fits nicely around the base of the neck at 16 inches, closing with a double bolt ring, swivel clasp. 

Paired with an awesome Scottish shield shaped medal has a gorgeous inky bronzed patina contrasting so beautifully with the rose gold panel. The elaboration to the crown includes cut out and engraved thistles and shamrocks. The legend to the reverse celebrates 'AUCH. HARS Youth Championship 1945-46 R MacNaughton', and all measures 4cm by 2.5cm. An interesting piece to research?

Niello is a black metallic alloy of sulphur, copper, silver and lead which is used as an inlay on metal. In this case the link has been highlighted with the ridges filled with Niello which alternated with the plain and gilt links. Traces of the gilding remain in places, but most of this has been lost in wear. 

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