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A Rare Antique Pendeloque Bodice Jewel set with Table Cut Diamonds and Rubies


A courtly jewel which has been treasured and adapted over the centuries, one can only imagine the stories attached to this precious family heirloom.  We believe this Ruby and foiled Diamond bow dates from around 1750, being made to fit around the earlier floral pendant suspended within. The whole delightfully fabulous ensemble can be worn as a strikingly romantic pendant (from a diaphanous silk ribbon as pictured) or brooch, or alternatively the pear shaped drop section can be removed so that the bow can be worn alone. 

The central floral panel is set with the dark glint of very old foiled table cut Diamonds from the 1500's, most likely of Indian origin. The Rubies which prettily adorn the bow too are cut tablet fashion, and most likely from the old mines in Burma having this fabulous bright pink hue. 

The brooch fitting to the ribbon is a newer addition enabling more versatility in the wearing of this wonderful treasure, the safety clasp hand made in high carat yellow gold. The setting to the gems is all of silver with rosy gold gilding to the back part which lays against the body. 

For scale, the whole measures two inches from the top of the bow, and an inch and a quarter across. The floral section just over three quarters of an inch square. There is a small amount of old lead to the fittings on the back of the two sections. 

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