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Antique Emerald & Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Ring


Oh blessed love! This antique beauty is just entirely captivating. An oval floral of antique hand faceted rose-cut Diamonds framing a verdant Emerald held in 18ct yellow Gold claws, this charming and romantic concoction perfectly retains the historic mood. A perennial tribute to LOVE, the central cluster of twinklesome old Diamonds is of Silver and dates to the late Georgian or early Victorian era and has been remounted very nicely on a lovely custom made bezel and tapered band of Gold

The Emerald is likely from the old Columbian mines and shows that bright almost luminous green which is so distinctive of the gem. It has worn with wear and the original facets have become smoothed over, and also has some damage to one corner, but all seems stable and with careful wear should give years of joy. 

The ring size measures as a 'Q; or '8' but can easily be altered to suit. Simply leave us a message on your order form. Read more about Rose Cut Diamonds in our BLOG article.  The cluster measures 1cm lengthwise.